IMG_6633At the moment, I have one book to my credit, aside from a self-published novel that I’d rather not mention. Earning My Spots has been in the works since 2009, and it was only through the tremendous support and encouragement of my agent, Liza Fleissig, that it will be released in September. This whole journey was an amazing learning experience, and turns out to be quite an adventure, so if you’d like to order a copy, please click on the image of the book at right.

Like many stories, this novel began with the flash of an idea. I’ve always been fascinated by animals, and had been considering some sort of shape shifter theme, but didn’t want to go the old werewolf route. With a little bit of investigation, I learned that werehyena stories appear in the mythologies of sub-Saharan Africa, and that hyenas are also among the world’s top predators, locked in a perpetual battle with lions for control of the savannah. They are highly intelligent, and live in a society dominated by females.

Inspired by what I learned, I decided that that my main character (Sam) would have to be a spotted hyena, and his companion (Manny) would be a werejaguar, which appear in the legends of Central America. Of course, there are also plenty of middle school hijinks mixed in, and a quest that spans two continents.

    hyena-342023_960_720  jaguar-218140_960_720

Rounding out my shape shifter trio is, Rosa, a scarlet macaw. Smart, beautiful, and endangered, I knew that such a bird (pictured below) would be a perfect fit.


Where will the adventures of these three lead? Click on any of the photos above to buy the book and find out!