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Getting ready for release!

Getting ready for release!

Since I am simultaneously maintaining several blogs: one on box turtles, another on plants, and a third on vegetarian spiders, I’ve been challenged to decide what to post where. For example, if a post on native plants and box turtle preferences comes up (as I’m sure it will), where should I post it? What about some surprising new spider-plant association? Even my research into the jumping spider Frigga crocuta, which clearly prefers ant-acacia plants but doesn’t actually eat any of their food rewards, presents a quandary for me (it isn’t exactly a vegetarian spider). The best that I can do is either place certain posts on several blogs simultaneously, or bring them here–my “catchall” for blog posts that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.


Oh yeah, and I’ll be posting about my book, too!

On the subject of my book, let’s just say that this has been a long time coming. I came up with the original idea in 2009, finished the first draft of my manuscript in 2013, submitted it to my agent, Liza Fleissing, in the summer 2014, revised several times, and it sold to Sky Pony Press in the summer of 2015. Now, I will be doing all I can to spread the word, since I am very excited about the upcoming release!