About Mark Eastburn


Yep, that’s me. Now what else to say? I have lots of interests, from science to history and philosophy. Technology also catches my attention, as does anything related to space. I teach at a high school, raise bugs (yes, bugs) for a home-based business (https://www.eastbug.com), and write whenever I can find a free moment. My first book, Earning My Spots, was published by Sky Pony Press in September, 2016.

From 2016-2018, I helped organize student efforts to recognize the bog turtle as New Jersey’s official state reptile, resulting in a bill that passed both houses of the New Jersey Legislature (Senate and General Assembly) and signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy in June, 2018.

Me and Governor Murphy
Arrow added for effect. I didn’t get a high five, but I did get a handshake.

On this website, I talk about my various interests, including the trials and tribulations of teaching, the hard work of raising bugs, and the writer’s journey to forge new stories from the words that we all share. If my musings can reach anyone and make a difference for the better, I will consider that a success.


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